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Stefano Oliva, Strombolian who oversees several construction sites on the island, is photographed in Ginostra, Stromboli. Aeolian Islands, Italy.

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Stromboli on the New York Times
gaia squarci
May 6, 2021
Today my project about the volcanic island of Stromboli is on the New York Times, online and paper. The story came out following the publication of a scientific paper by volcanologist Maurizio Ripepe and his team at the University of Florence, who provided a system of alert to warn residents before paroxysmal eruptions. Stromboli has become my magic refuge in the last few years and I’m thrilled this publication is accompanied by the words of Robin Andrews, exquisite writer and fellow volcano addict. 

Life and Death on the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean
Stromboli’s volcano is always active, always at the brink of devastating paroxysms. For those who visit the island as tourists or scientists, it is a spectacle like no other.

Gaia Squarci

Gaia Squarci is a photographer and cinematographer based between New York City and Milan.
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